The Mostovskoy district offers an agrarian project

The Municipal Formation offers to implement an investment project for the construction of a rabbit farm.

The project with investment amount of 171.5 million rubles is planned to be implemented in the urban village of Mostovskoy, on the territory of the Benokovo Farmer Cooperative. Within a year, it is planned to construct a farm for growing rabbits for the sale of rabbit meat and wool here. With reaching the designed capacity, the enterprise will produce meat (291,840 kg per year), by-products (161,760 kg per year) and skins (36,764 kg per year). The products will be in demand among the processing enterprises of the meat industry (meat processing plants), as well as in the population of the Krasnodar Region.

A business plan was developed for the investment project. The project needs 171.5 million rubles in the form of direct investments.

The project implementation period is 1 year, and the return on investment period is 5.75 years. The construction of the facility will allow to create 38 new jobs.

A land plot of 30,315 sq. m. was formed to implement the project. The site is located in Mostovskoy small town. There is a local road, "Mostovskoy small town Ц Khamketinskaya Cossack village" (0.3 km), there. The distance to the federal highway "Mostovskoy small town Ц Khamketinskaya Cossack village"  is 2 km.

The distance from the regional center of Krasnodar city is 220 km.

The distance to the nearest railway station of Mostovskoy small town is 3 km, to the Krasnodar Airport is 220 km, and to the seaport of Tuapse is 240 km.

For more information, please contact:

Administration of the Municipal Formation Mostovskoy District

Address: Gorkiy Street, 139, Mostovskoy small town, Mostovskoy District, Krasnodar Region, 352570, Russia

Phone / fax: +7 86192 53082